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WCoS Council:

The Council of the WCoS is made of three Kaidens. They are there to help guide and shape the circle.

The current council members are:
Kaiden Storm
Kaiden Nikon
Kaiden Brennan


* September 30, 2017 *
Kaiden Hedge is stepping down and Kaiden Nikon will be taking his place on the WCoS Council.

* September 26, 2015 *
The WCoS Council granted power to a select few to go over all of the requirements of the Western Circle and make modifications or additions as seen fit. The members of this group were: Kaiden Gad (L7), Kaiden Joseph (L7), Kaiden Kris (L6), Kaiden Brennan (L6 and current council member), Kaiden Steel Wind (L6), and Kaiden Vea (L5). The changes are as follows:

Overall changes
  • Students at the end of their requirements must say: 6 traditions, 3 types of moves and example of each and now must say "3 rules of swordsmanship: Patience, Respect, Awareness" in that order
  • Definitions have been added in the glossary page about most requirements so that they are clear going forward
  • Students must now present a written petition in advance to their Kaiden to test for their next rank. The Kaiden will determine if the student is ready to test and if they have met all requirements for their next rank
  • Kata Ich: the blocks now will not change to advanced blocks after L4. Blocks will remain basic blocks (higher level students will need to adjust the kata from how they currently perform it)
  • The Black Braid (2 years at L4), Black Chain (1 year at L5), and Black Ring (6 months at L6) are now a more evident option for training. It is not a requirement, but an additional way to enhance your discipline and overall structured training in the art of the sword. The council decided that these requirements must be completed consecutively. You cannot do the Black Chain requirements without first doing the Black Braid (same goes with the Black Ring; you must first do the Black Braid and Black Chain requirements).

  • Rank Requirements
  • Guest: sign insurance waiver upon deciding to join class
  • Trainee: added WCoS etiquette
  • Green braid: noted that you may begin to learn to marshal sparring matches
  • White rope: added marshaling, removed basic blocks since it was redundant, added clarification that upon getting L3, you can begin L0 steel training
  • Red rope: "refined strikes 1" instead of "refined strikes". There are also "refined strikes 2" and "refined strikes 3" that correspond with when you learn new sets of cuts like draw cuts and short circle cuts. Definition is in the glossary. Removed "Night fighting". Changed Second Weapon training to 1 session. Moved 5 full contact matches to L5. Made sanctuary an optional requirement.
  • Crimson chain: added "refined strikes 2", removed "First aid training", removed marshaling from the proficiency list (there are now 5 proficiencies instead of 6), redefined the medical proficiency: First aid certified instead of EMT, 1 training session with Kaiden, and must be Medical Officer at one event. Also added clarification of the black chain (only after black braid) and clarified that proficiencies are tested as part of the L5 test.
  • Silver chain: "Expert Blocks" defined and all students training towards silver chain must now know the new 4 blocks. Added close quarters combat (definition in glossary). Clarification about taking the Black Ring (only after black braid and black chain) added. Removed "5 full contact matches" due to being redundant with the L5 requirement.
  • Copper chain: defined many requirements in the glossary. Changed that you need four of the five proficiencies (due to recent change in proficiency list). Added "refined strikes 3" to correspond with short circle cuts. Changed "surgeon cuts" to "Cathan" and defined.

  • Steel Requirements
  • Steel L0: removed "0 to 1 month live steel training". Added that L3 students may participate in choreography since White Ropes can train L0 in steel but cannot parry or spar.
  • Steel L1: changed "1 to 3 months training" to "All current/active sword students training towards steel L2"
  • Steel L2: changed "3 to 6 months training" to "Have at least 6 months of live steel training". Added "own metal gauntlets".
  • Steel L3: no changes
  • Steel L4: changed choreography to 1 session. At this level you now must own a metal helm. Noted that the steel L4 test is the first test that you will take in full body armor.
  • Steel L5: no changes
  • Steel L6: removed the metal gauntlet requirement since it is now required for Steel L2
  • Steel L7: removed metal helm since it is now required for Steel L4. Changed "2nd style" to be L4 instead of L5 requirements. Clarified "all levels of training" does not include the Black Requirements (such as Black Braid, Black Chain, and the Black Ring). Changed the Gauntlet to 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes.

* October 6, 2007 *
WCoS Annual Council Meeting & Requirements Review

1) There have been changes to bokken levels 0 to 6. Please see the requirements page for the update.

2) Kaidens will now have additional requirements and also additional moves.

3) Crimson Chain is equilvent to a black belt in most martial arts.

4) See the list of available moves to learn what has been expanded.

5) If you have a unique move you would like to be added to the available list, please forward it to the council for review.

6) There are officially now 6 traditions.

7) If you have some updated photos of the WCoS, please forward to the Webmaster.

Yours in the Sword,
The WCOS Council

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