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WCoS Council Previous Meeting Updates:

* April 1, 2006 *
WCOS Council Minutes

1) The Head Kaiden's knowledge base is to be utilized by all Kaidens for individual requests regarding student training, ranks, etc. For example, if a Kaiden has questions regarding how to correctly create a swordman's rank, that Kaiden may address those questions to the Head Kaiden directly, as at guidance is subject to change.

2) An exception to WCoS rule #5 section D has been granted to GAD and Abrian temporarily. This rule forbids alloys for combat use. A valid point must be explored regarding fighting with alloys in another dojo. GAD and Abrian will have temporary leave to try these alloys and report back their findings to the Council.

3) Regarding a dispute between GAD and Isarn, the Council was asked to offer guidance. As the two swordsmen have made amends for their actions and have learned from the experience, the Council offers no additional discipline. However, as a point of learning for all of the Circle, let us never forget that whatever happens on the field of Combat, shall be resolved on the field of Combat, that we may all grow in fellowship as well as skill in this Circle.

4) An update to the photo gallery has been requested and is being researched. Let it be known that the Council is accepting any all WCoS-related digital pictures for inclusion on the WCoS website at the Council's discretion.

5) Clarification has been requested on the difference between "Basic Cuts" and "Basic Strikes". "Basic Strikes" is a modification of "Basic Cuts" that includes the two chop cuts and is performed at White Rope level. Only "Basic Strikes" includes the two chop cuts, and will continue to be performed as such at the Kaiden's request. This modification is a training tool and all questions regarding this and additional training should be directed to the Head Kaiden.

6) Typographic errors on the WCoS website were identified and corrected regarding steel levels and requirements as well as the Japanese numbering system. Thanks go to the Expert Swordsman for identifying these errors.

7) A requirement for hard plastic or metal gauntlets to be worn by all WCoS fighters was proposed to the Council. This discussion was tabled and the Council has decided against making this requirement mandatory at this time. The Council recognizes the need for this requirement as hand injury has been and will always be a serious issue. The Council will conduct research on this proposal but is open to suggestions with regards to armorers and types of gauntlets that would make this requirement cost-effective.

8) The Council will soon be providing all Kaidens with a hard copy of all material currently available on the WCoS website. This material will be the first of many offerings in the "Kaiden's Handbook" which is currently a work in progress.

9) An annual "Kaiden's Class" has been proposed for the first week of June 2006. All Kaidens please contact the Council or Head Kaiden regarding your availability.

10) An annual "WCoS Requirements Review" will be led by the Head Kaiden during his temporary service on the Council in the forthcoming months.

11) As of the first of June 2006, Kaiden Nikon will step down from the Council, and be temporarily replaced by the Expert Swordsman.

12) The next Council meeting is TBA.

Yours in the Sword,
The WCOS Council

* July 23, 2005 *
WCOS Council Minutes

1) Council Knowledge Base ( is to be utilized as a forum for posting of official Council minutes and decisions or statements on matters pertaining to the WCOS as a whole.

2) Discussion Forum ( is to be utilized as a forum for posting of Council business that requires the attention of Western Circle members for decisions or comments on matters pertaining to the WCOS as a whole.

3) A Certificate of WCOS Incurred Injury or Disability is under development for use by Kaidens and Event Hosts and will be posted on the website for "Copy/Paste" style submission to the Council as necessary.

4) Ron is confirmed for the Event in August! Let us all wish him well and welcome him back to the field in true WCOS fashion.

5) No student testing has been confirmed for the Event in August. Contact your Kaidens if you wish to test for your next level!

6) The Council formally apologizes to the Expert Swordsman, Head Kaiden, and all Western Circle members for our tardiness in decision making and failed lines of communication in the recent past. We will make every attempt to correct this in the future!

7) The next Council meeting is set for August!

Yours in the Sword,
The WCOS Council