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Dalmater Colors:

Upon reaching the Rank of Green Braid (L2), students have received an evaluation and are considered ranked swordfighters. With this rank comes the honor to join the Western Circle of Swordfighters and to also wear a class uniform called a dalmater. This uniform is always solid black in color with colored stripes running down each side. The colored stripe means one of two things:

For the majority of WCoS members, the colored stripes on their dalmater represent the teacher the student received the most instruction from. For example, a student who trained under Kaiden Charles would wear his yellow striping, while a student that learned under Kaiden Hedge would receive gray, and so on.

The second representation and the rarest honor in the WCoS, is the wearing of the Red Striped Dalmater. This was once earned only by passing the now obsolete “Trails of Swordsmanship”, but now is earned by passing the new test designed around the 30 Minute Non-stop Battle.

Below are the current Kaidens and their associated colors:

Head Kaiden Gad
retired Kaiden Joseph
Jade Green
Kaiden StormCobalt Blue
Kaiden CharlesWasp Yellow
Kaiden Hedge
Honorary Kaiden David
Shadow Grey
Kaiden Kris
Kaiden Brennan
Kaiden VeaNile Blue
Kaiden EricForest Green
Kaiden NikonBlack
Kaiden BlightDark Purple
Kaiden Taage
Kaiden Sal
(Must be earned)Red Dalmater

The current standard for a Kaiden being able to choose a color is that they must have trained three students to the rank of Green Braid. The color must then be approved by the Head Kaiden and then all four swordsmen can switch their color. (This requirement can be modified by the Head Kaiden, depending on circumstance)

No matter what color a person wears by Kaidenship anyone who has earned the right to wear red may do so at any time.

A color can never be taken away from a Kaiden. It can only be returned, bequeathed or passed onto another Kaiden of the same lineage.