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Event Rules of The Western Circle:


1. Gloves, helmet, long sleeves & pants required. (OSC)

2. Acknowledge all shots. (Armor not for armor factor)

3. Use control when fighting with axe, hammer, mace & flail. These weapons do damage by their shape alone.

4. Do not strike the back of the head, ever!

5. If you give "leave" it is for the duration of the melee or until changed by both parties.

6. Full contact to armored areas, mid to light contact to all other clearly visible unarmored areas.

7. Do not aim for neck or above with a spear, bow or crossbow.

8. The dead cannot speak.

9. Die as you would in real life. (Fall and stay where you died)

Watchers - resting swordsmen included

1. No talking to fighters, which are on the field.

2. No clapping, jeering, loud laughing or remarks audible to the field.

3. No drinking, swearing or smoking near the field of fighters or watchers.