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Date/Time Event Title Host Location
July 15, 2017 2017 Best of Best Kaiden Gad Hayward, CA
September 9 & 10, 2017 Anderson Ren Faire Event Kaiden Sal Anderson, CA

2017 Best of the Best

This year’s Best of The Best will be held on July 15th at the Hayward Dojo. It will be run by Gemini and I will assist. If you are on this email group, you are invited to attend. White Ropes, this is true for you providing you pass your Red Rope tests in April.

It will run very much the same, with each fighter holding the circle once and entering another fighter’s circle once. There will remain a challenge card. There are, however, two main new rules to this year’s event, per Gemini:
  • You must fight in your primary sword style (that which you have had the most training)
  • Lock ups are allowed
This year we are expecting the largest amount of competitors with numerous high level fighters in attendance, making it one of the toughest Best of The Best competitions in WCoS history. Confirm once you are at least 50% or more likely to attend. Sanctuary will be granted for out of town guests.

Anderson Ren Faire Event


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