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The Full Circle Cut:

This cut was designed by GAD and is Western Circle specific. Though there are many forms of cuts and many cuts can be applied effectively in many different situations, it is believed that this cut is the most versatile while delivering a lethal cut.

There are three parts to the Full Circle Cut: circle, aim, and cut. They are broken down below:

Step 1 - Circle: The blade, beginning from a defensive stance (Chu-Dun), circles around the body and above the head (roughly to the point of Jo-Dan stance).

Step 2 - Aim: The warrior takes aim, while the sword is in motion and prior to the cut down. Note: even if a target is picked before the movement begins in the first part (the circle) the swordsman can now pick a different target and finish the cut. This is a valuable part of the variable cutting style of swordsmanship.

Step 3 - Cut: The swordsman cuts down with full intention, completely through the object that was targeted. Full speed and full power are not necessary based on the target area. Example: the throat, being soft tissue can be severed with little strength, while the leg one would need full strength to sever through the femur.

Final Note: There are full circle cuts in existence with other styles , but it is the way we have incorporated and designed the WCoS full circle cut that is unique. The way is difficult, and while there are faster cuts, this is one of the world's best cuts when insuring a single strike victory.

"One cut, One Kill"