Best of the Best Competition Champions

Best of Best competition champions - This is a yearly competition run by the Head Kaiden to determine who is the best fighter in the Western Circle through a series of one on one duels. During these matches only the cleanest kills are accepted and each match is watched and judged by 3 Kaidens.


Champions of the Coliseum

Every year in October, the Arata's Farm builds a coliseum within its grounds for the Western Circle. There, dedicated swordfighters participate in steel combat before the public. The following fighters have faced over 6 opponents, fought over 500 battles, and participated in every available fighting day in the month of October at the Arata's Coliseum.


Fallen Heroes

These are individuals who were members of the Western Circle until the day they died. They were people of honor and are greatly missed.

Supporters of the Western Circle

The following non-members have gone far beyond the call of duty to show true support to the Western Circle.

  • Jim N. (Father of Nicole)
  • Chris (of the Arata's Farm)
  • Wolfie (of Shadow Wood)