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Kaidens' Rules of the Western Circle:

1) You must adhere to all rules required of the students, unless necessary for special training or true studentship.

2) You must keep your own skills up to (approximately) one level above that which you are teaching.

3) If you are running a dojo of two or more students, you must keep a class log containing member names, attendance, logged matches, and a class summary. One-on-one training can be logged in your own swordbook at your discretion.

4) You must notify the Head Kaiden of any new students and submit monthly reports.

5) Classes must be run no less than twice a month. Seminar styled classes must meet at least four times a year. True student or trainee sessions are at the Kaiden's discretion.

6) All Kaidens must teach at least one student per year (one session) to keep their Kaiden status. This requirement may also be met by meeting with their Kaiden or assisting at another class.

7) Kaidens must attend a Kaiden's class with the Head Kaiden once every five years or receive continued private instruction from their Kaiden.

8) A Kaiden should hold himself to a high standard of moral character, above and beyond that of their students. You are leaders, but you must earn your students' respect.

9) Kaidens are responsible for the grounds they train on and everyone who enters it. Control your space! Clearly define the boundaries of your dojo. A dojo is a safe and controlled training environment that you create. It is not just four walls and a door.

10) Kaidens have the power to take on any student they wish and train them at their discretion. You may adjust the WCoS requirements within reason. If you change a requirement to make it easier, the Council must approve your changes first. You may always add WCoS related requirements or make some harder without approval, but this must be for all students and not only some.

11) Monthly reports must be submitted to the Head Kaiden. They can be a one sentence summary for each class you taught and should contain the date, names, and number of students. Example: "January 1, 2005 - 9 students attended. We went over the basic requirements and then sparred."