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I am Christopher, son of Gregory, son of Carol. I was born in the year of our lord 1980. My mother named me Christopher which means "Christ bearing". I come from a very large Irish family whose faith in Jesus Christ through the Catholic faith continues here in the United States . In discovering the plan the Lord has for me I have been a musician, a storyteller/writer, and a warrior. The men of my family in the old country become one of two things; some become priests and the others warriors.

Here in the Western Circle I learn the art of the sword and walk path of the warrior in my own way. In doing this I have had the great honor of receiving training from Head Kaiden Gad and have had the privelidge of true studentship to Kaiden Charles.

My current goals as a swordfighter are to earn the rank of sword dancer and to pass my level 2 steel test.

I believe that there are inescapable and insurmountable forces/circumstances in life that we may encounter that are overwhelming beyond the capabilities of any human being. I imagine being overcome by tidal waves, being the target of a multitude of arrows, or just fighting a warrior who is far superior to me. This is why I train and study. When the wave comes I will draw my sword and run at it and show that it may overwhelm me, even swallow me, but never defeat my spirit.

Peace be with you all,
Christopher Young
Deo duce, ferro comitante