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The Margrave:

USMC four years active service, 1958-1962. Duty stations included; 1st Bn 5th Marines, Marine Barracks Pearl Harbor, 1st Div. Military Police.

Served eight years as a Police Officer in Monterey, California at a time when the Beat Officer system was in effect. If it happened on your beat, it was your case. Therefore the beat Officer would handle everything from barking dogs to homicide - parking citations to multiple fatality traffic accidents. Also became member of a volunteer fire organization in Monterey, participating in several multiple alarm cannery fires, and a very interesting wildland fire.

After leaving the Police Department, spent six years in the design, construction and remodeling of residential and commercial structures. Maintained membership in the Volunteer Fire Company.

Moved to San Jose area in 1976, joining the Santa Clara Fire Department February 1977, taking over mapping and logististics responsibilities, rising to the rank of Reserve Captain. Was given the project of developing first Hazardous Material Location and Identification maps and standards in the U.S. Produced emergency response maps listing major apartment complexes, hotels, shopping centers, schools and Great America Theme Park. Headed project which produced emergency response maps listing every street and address in the City of Santa Clara. Designed and produced various Department emblems and uniform patches. Retired after almost twenty years.

During this time, participated in and managed several Community Service projects in the San Jose area including ones benefiting the Housing Consortium, YMCA, Job Training Corps, Shelter for Battered Women and Children, and Home for Autistic Children.

Also during this period, gathered data and developed plans which formed the basis of an environmental impact study for the implementation of an operating railroad museum in the Niles Canyon area.

Guildmaster of St. Marien's Renaissance reenactment Guild, an Educational, Charitable organization. Designer and General Contractor.

I took up the study of the sword as a result of my involvement with Renaissance re-enactment. I reasoned that since my character carried a sword I should at least understand how to carry and use it properly. Little did I realize what a profound effect it would have on the way I view life and how I conduct myself. It has brought many elusive small thoughts into a much sharper focus and allowed other, trivial things, to be placed out of my further consideration. The training has brought about an enhanced awareness that I haven't experienced since the P.D. I have also found it to be an excellent stress reliever. Working though my requirements a time or two helps me to relax and refocus my thoughts and energy. Is this perhaps the original 'Martial Art'?

The sword will change you forever.