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All of my life I have loved sword fighting but was only able to learn by watching movies and fighting with the neighborhood kids. I would even fight with my sister or just the tree branches in the wind or a tire swing or whatever else was available. When I found the Western Circle I was immediately driven to join and learn proper sword fighting. It has been an exhilarating experience from the start, to learn an art of the sword as not just a game to play but a readiness for war and battle. There are so many things to be gained here as a martial art and a perspective on life, not so much as to be a religion but just a learning tool of great power. Life is a very integral part of Christianity, and pleasure is a very integral part of life, knowing death and not fearing it is a very integral part of achieving the peace that brings pleasure in common life. This is proven in so many of the things people do in the attempt to "cheat death" and "live on the edge" but it is all a lie because we all will die. To better yourself and enjoy the process of doing so is the only thrill that will continue with you through eternity, if you make it.
Perhaps you feel as if I digress but if you really think about it, no amount of money or possessions can add or subtract whom you are inside, but how you train yourself to perceive the world will. So in conclusion I learn and live.