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I am Hedge.

I've taken this as my sword-name from a nickname that has come to me through various means. It is an appropriate designation. I come by the sword through a path of other athletics and martial arts. And when I found the circle, I knew I was where I belonged.

As a major part of my Kaidenship, I take the tenant of, "You can't make your sword do what you want it to do, if you can't make your body do what you want it to do." With that in mind, I have a course of stretching and exercises that I do at the beginning of my classes. I've drawn from my eleven years of swimming and seven years of kung fu. The sword is an extension of your self, and learned techniques work better if the body is prepared to execute them.

I teach two classes. Both are weekly courses of training at student's residences in Gardnerville and Reno. We have the distinct advantage of being close to a great deal of open space and training at altitude.

Up until the the beginning of 2001, I was the oldest member of the circle. That distinction, now, belongs to my father, whom I train. But, as with him, no one should let the age fool them. There are many in the Circle who will tell you that is a mistake. And if you make it, I'll be most happy to correct you...