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My name is Jess. I had the honor of being introduced to the WCoS and Kaiden Taage through my brother and brother-in-laws. After watching the members go through their various requirements, I made up my mind that the class would at least be a good form of excersise. It wasn't until I observed a night of fighting that I began to touch on the understanding that swordmanship was so much more than a display of physical strength and dexterity. To see each fighter's true personality and character expose itself through the art of combat was more than enthralling. It left me with a want to discover my own self and a personal curiosity of what a girl with depression and an anxiety disorder could achieve. Even if it scares me a bit to see what hides in my heart, I look foward to what I may learn from this unique group of swordfighters and Kaidens. My goals may be small to most, but for me they are giant and when your biggest enemy is your own mind, the tiniest accomplishment brings it's moment of joy.

"When tragedy comes, may you wear hope well. May you always keep the fight in your hands." - d. antoinette foy