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Taage (Ross):

I joined the Western Circle of Swordfighters in February of 2000. I make and fight with my own bokken as well training and sparring with live steel (rebated) swords. My preferred weapon is the bastard sword, which I favor for its two or one handed versatility.

In my time with the Western Circle, I have met and had the opportunity to cross swords with many honorable sword fighters. I have relished in the training and the challenge that being a part of the Western Circle brings, and I have been pleased to pass these skills on to many students of my own.

When I began my training with the Western Circle of Swordfighters, I chose to give back to the Circle in the form of the original website for the organization. I created, maintained, and publicized the site for almost a year and half before turning it over to the Council to maintain and it has grown from there. I am pleased and somewhat surprised that so many swords people have found the site, and through it learned of the Western Circle of Swordfighters. It has in several ways far surpassed my original expectations.

In 2008 I was granted permission to open my own dojo in Redding, CA which I lead until the end of 2014 and is now headed by Honorary Kaiden Sal as I have moved further North. I expect to begin again with another dojo here in Portland, OR.

In addition to the arts taught by the Western Circle of Swordfighters, I train in Shotokan Karate and Myo Sim Kendo, and have had minimal training in Tai Chi Chuan and Aikido. I record my training notes in an online journal which is open for general reading. If you are so inclined, you may find it at

Fare well,

"Sweat more in training that you may bleed less in battle" - unknown