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Vea Ravenstar:

I mainly fight with a two-handed broadsword. My bokken are Ambrose, Bain, Ceolwulf (retired), and Desmond. My steel swords are Droog (Friend, live steel) and Soldier (sharpened). As a Crimson Chain, I have earned my proficiencies in staff and steel combat and now also train in one-handed sword with one-handed axe.

Sword fighting allows me to grow stronger in ways I could have never found for myself. I am thankful that I was given this opportunity because it's constantly changing my life for the better, affecting both my physical agility and my mental awareness.

Every test that is passed is a reminder of how much more I need to work to become a stronger person and a better fighter. There's always more to learn and there will always be more difficult challenges to overcome than what was faced before. As a Kaiden, I am always learning and growing with my students to help with their personal challenges and acheivements. Everyone's journey is different, but we can still all learn from each other.

I have had a unique journey in the sword. I used to be very overweight and lacked confidence and drive. Somewhere inside of me, I found what I truly wanted to become. I overcame many of my personal obstacles and lost over 65 lbs, faced my fears, and did not let any of my medical conditions stop me from getting back into the circle to compete.

I also became the only female champion of the Best of the Best, which has been held annually for 17 years.

There are things I still want to achieve. There are goals that I am still reaching for. I will find a way.