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The Red Dalmater:

To obtain the honor of wearing a Red Striped Dalmater, currently worn by those who have passed the arcane "Trials of Swordsmanship", you must pass a series of requirements culminating in a rigorous test designed around the 20 Minute Non-Stop battle. These requirements were set up by the Council of Swordfighters to eliminate all but the most serious and dedicated swordsmen. If you are interested and you meet the below requirements, your first step is to inform your Kaiden and petition the council.


  • Be of Red Rope level or above and at least a White Rope in live steel (so a minimum total of 7 levels of training)
  • Be in the Western Circle for 6 years or more. This can be taken in your 5th year, but you will be unable to wear it until your 6th anniversary
  • Be sponsored by a Red Dalmater bearer, of Kaiden Level or higher
  • Petition the council and have that petition accepted
  • Submit a 30 day, 30 Hour minimum training plan to your Kaiden and the council, which must be fulfilled in full just before taking the 30 MNSB
  • Take the extended 30 Minute Non Stop Battle (30 MNSB) and complete it with honor and skill as decided by a council of three of the highest ranking participants (one must be a Kaiden). There will be 3 areas unknown to the participant that they will be tested on during the ordeal.

Note: if you fail the 30 MNSB even if you have past 20 minutes, it will not count toward the L5 20 MNSB requirement.

Members who have earned the Red Dalmater: