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Rank Requirements: (last changed by council: 9/26/2015)

Levels of Swordsmanship in the Western Circle of Sword Fighters

  • Be interviewed by a Kaiden
  • Watch 2 classes, then participate in two classes consecutively
  • Have a knowledge of the Western Circle as obtained from this website
  • Sign insurance waiver
Level 1:
Level 2:
GREEN BRAID - Swordsman -

* Striding and Leaping is optional (Kaiden's discretion)
** Upon becoming L2, Students must wear dalmater for class, may wear a WCoS shirt, and may begin to learn to marshal **
Level 3:
WHITE ROPE - Trained Swordsman -

** Upon reaching L3, White ropes have the ability to fight in other circles with Kaiden's permission, they may begin L0 live steel training, and may be able to transfer to an electronic (typed) sword book**
Level 4:
RED ROPE - Skilled Swordsman -

** Upon reaching L4, swordmen have The ability to fight Live Steel, strike to the hands (once trained) and fight in other circles at their own discretion.
They may also take the Black Braid Requirements**
Level 5:
THE CRIMSON CHAIN (RED ROPE II) - Proficient Swordsman -
RED RING - Sword Dancer - (Black Belt Equivalent)
Proficiencies (You must meet 2 of the following 5 proficiencies):
  1. Sword Dancing - skilled in the art of the circle - The Silent Sword, The Death Dance, The Solo Dance.
  2. Field Medicine - skilled in the art of the healer - obtain First Aid certification or higher, 1 medical training session with Kaiden, be assigned medical officer for 1 event, and be in the possession of a full medical kit.
  3. Staff Fighting - skilled in the art of the stave - defensive stance, eight strikes, seven blocks, cutting pattern 1 against sword, 5 moves, 50 matches.
  4. Steel Combat - skilled in the art of steel - centered cuts and be a L2 steel qualified swordsman.
  5. The Complete Blade - skilled in the art of the second sword - must relearn all requirements up to White Rope with either 1 or 2-handed sword.

** Upon reaching L5, the swordman may now begin to thrust to the face, once trained. They may be awarded the rank of full Kaiden by the Head Kaiden and can take the Black Chain requirements (only after completing the Black Braid).
Students may also be tested for their Black Belt (belt and certificate) based on their Kaiden's and testing council's discretion. Proficiencies are tested as part of the overall L5 test. **
Level 6:
SILVER CHAIN - Advanced Swordsman -
SILVER RING - Advanced Sword Dancer -

** Upon reaching L6, the swordsman may target all areas of the body, except the base of the skull (which can never be targeted by any swordsman). Silver Chains have the ability to take the Black Ring requirements (but only after completely the Black Braid and the Black Chain previously) **
Level 7:
COPPER CHAIN - Expert swordsman -
COPPER RING - Expert Sword Dancer -