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The Rules of the Western Circle:

These guidelines are set up not as a rigid code engraved in stone or a set of beliefs people must adopt to be a part of the circle. These rules are a basic set of ethics that are in place to hold the active members to a basic level of respect and ethics. These ethics help the Kaidens and the students alike to know that the people who they must fight, putting their life at risk, and must also train with are people of at least some similar beliefs of honor. In no way are these rules intended to alter a p erson's religious beliefs or impede on a person's own personal code of ethics. Instead this should add, or otherwise enhance a person's desire to strive to be a person of honor and respect.

Some rules however are rules that are not open to personal interpretation or question and those are easily recognizable. These are here for the protection of the members, the dojos and to keep our insurance policy.

1. Do not lie. If you say something mean it. If you say you are going to do something, do it.

2. No drinking, smoking or drugs at or around the dojo.

3. No drinking, smoking or drugs on a day prior to training. (After class in your own space, drinking or smoking is okay. Drug use by any member is not a honorable act.)

4. No swearing during training or in or about the dojo. (A mistake is a mistake. intentional vulgarity is not)

5. No intentional infliction of corporal injury during, in or around any class function. (Injury is something we have to live with each day, but intentional harm is not. Nor should it ever be boasted about).