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Sword Honor:

This form of honor is more tradition than code. For it is an understanding between all swordsmen. No matter which Kaiden you learn from, you will always be taught the six traditions. Although, the teacher's martial training will always differ, the six traditions will not. For they cannot be changed and should not. They are what binds the swordsmen of the lands without having ever met.

So if you are a swordsman and do not know them, study them, practice them and learn them. Whether you walk the road of light or dark, let this be a language we all know. It may be the last thing we ever do so let it be with honor.

The following page will explain the six traditions, but it will not explain these two things. So I will do it here.

1. As a Kaiden you must notify your original Kaiden of any new students you will train before you begin their training.
2. Wear your sword rank with honor to all events.