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Kristobal (Chris):

It is the Art,
the Dicipline,
the Challenge,
the Mystique
which draws me
to the sword
time and time again.

    Mono y Mono

Day of battle,
    under Sun

Steel cage,
    resting death

Age Old Quest,
    who's the deadliest

Weary bones,

Ring of steel,
    ringing ears

Silent sky of clouds above,
    Warriors fall like leaves today

Just one more,
    not time to rest

Time for rest,
    when in the grave.

Why are the innocent Punnished
Why the sacrafice
Why the pain

There arnt any promises
Nothing is certain

Only that some get called
Some get saved

They wont ever know
    the hardship and grief for those left behind

We commit these bodies to the void
    with a glad heart
For within each seed
    there is the promise of a flower

Within each death
    no matter how small
There is always a new life

    A New... Beginning!

        - Alien 3