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New to the Western Circle? Want to know more about sword dancing? Need a reminder about the requirements for your next rank?

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The Entry Way of the Newcomers:

For the Class Student

  1. Meet with the Kaiden of the class
  2. Watch two classes from outside the dojo (if there are formal boundaries)
  3. Attend class regularly (check with the Kaiden for the minimum attendance allowance to keep you on the roster)
For the Class Student, it is mostly a trial period. We give the newcomer an actual month or two of training to really see first hand whether or not this is really for him or her. If not, the student can choose to end the training, or depending on the Kaiden, postpone training until the student is in a place in their life where they would like to pursue the art of the sword again.

For the True Student

True studentship is a rare, more specialized training which few dedicated students have taken on. The discipline and time it requires to be a true student is customized and varies depending on student and Kaiden. True studentship takes on considerable time and preparation for all involved, so certain parameters are followed:

  1. Watching and seeing training and combat (often True Students are existing class students)
  2. The questions of personal morals and beliefs and reasons for wanting to be a True Student
  3. The student's petition to train - often for a set period of time or to a certain rank
  4. The vows of honor: swearing to finish training until completion of the petition/contract by the student. True Studentship often is dedicated training from 6 months to a year, but is a case by case agreement.
  5. Enthusiasm and respect throughout the training. The path will be difficult, but do not show weakness and do not give up.
You will always be known as a True Student even long after your training has ended. More will be expected of you from then on because of the specialized training you received.