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The Six Traditions:

1. The Warrior's Greeting: An arm shake, clasping each other's forearm and meeting eyes.

2. Sword Respect: This is the knowledge that you should not pick up or touch anyone's sword without their permission and should return it as you found it.

3. The Given Steel: This is how to hand a sword to a warrior with respect; Over the left arm with the hilt towards them and the blade in your right hand. Only touch their blade with a gloved hand or cloth, unless it is wood.

4. Sword Honor: This can only be taught by a Kaiden. But know this if a swordsman kneels before you with his sword lying on the ground in front of him and a symbol of honor by his right hand also laying on the ground; know that he wishes to speak to you before the fight. You should copy his actions to the letter.

5. The Sword Salute: This is done before battle towards your opponent. It is done by raising your sword over your head in an angled position, then bringing it down to your chest for a moment, and then again over your head in a parallel position. After that you may begin your fight.

6. Sanctuary: This is passed down from Kaiden to student.