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Michael (aka: Viscount Richard de Caville, KSCA):

My martial arts career started when I was nine. Basic karate led me to other disciplines where the focus ranged from "empty handed combat" to weapons, until I was in my early twenties. At the age of eighteen I found β€œwestern martial arts” in the form of an organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism. During my twenty one year study of western armored combat I was blessed with two fine instructors, Joe Latta (Earl Seodaidh mac Seosaidh, KSCA, OL) and Steve Beck (Duke Stephen of Beckham, KSCA, OL) who gave me the ability and skills to be the swordsman and man I am today. I eventually, after almost fifteen years of study was elevated to the rank of Knight, which equates to a Master or black belt in many disciplines. A focus on weapons, single combats and group tactics were the focus of study which continues to this very day. In the mid 1990's I was granted membership in the Company of Saint George, a tournament company of armored combatants, that studied historical fighting techniques and applied them in full contact competitions. A branch of the Company eventually became the now widely known Schola St. George, founded by Brian Price (aka Earl Brian Thornbird, KSCA, OL) the proprietor of Chivalry Bookshelf, and one of the foremost authorities on historic western swordsmanship and period armor crafting. Under his instruction I became one of the instructors for the Schola St. George-California. I have written a book called the Chateau de Camville Manual of the Combative Arts. A second edition is currently in the works.

I have been teaching western swordsmanship and its application since 1990 in various classes and programs in the Schola, the SCA and public forum. I currently have four β€œfull time” martial students and many β€œpart time” students. Seeing to their development and growth is one of my primary focuses. Beside the fighting arts I practice horsemanship, with my two horses Rocky and Lexie, along medieval calligraphy and illumination under the tutelage of master artist Hilarie Cornwell of Cornewell Scribeworks.

A Knight wears the following regalia: A white belt to show purity of intent and spirit, a golden chain to symbolize his fealty to the Crown and to God and the golen spurs to speed him to acts of courage, grace and chivalry. Thus is the SCA Knight equipped.

The study of the sword and martial arts in general as been a lifelong journey for me, where the more I learn the less I realize I know. By teaching I learn and the cycle continues. It inspires me to improve myself and seek the potential out in others. In today's study of the sword I find that the study to gain of Prowess brings Renown. It is never about how many β€œwins” I am granted but how I achieved them. Renown is the greater glory and goal for this swordsman.