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Who am I?

My name is Nicole and I am a Western Circle Swordfighter. I love myself in my own characteristic personality style. Honesty and true to myself is what I learn from my kaiden and God. I am a student studying to be an artist expressing my creative side as a career.

I enjoy indoor and outdoor activities. I am a girl who loves to kick back and hang wherever I go. I am involved with the Renaissance Faire as an actress. I play as a Spaniard during Queen Elizebeth's time. In my spare time I enjoy reading novels or comic books.

Most of all I am the party girl who loves to break dance to House or any kind of music. Being a student in sword fighting is one workout but dancing is another way to battle out a good sweat.

The Person

I am 5'3" tall, making me the shortest member in class. I am twenty-four going on twenty-five, so don't let my youth fool you. I am a very active person. I used to play tackle football and other sports with the boys in high school, so I knew this class was perfect for me.

I have hazel eyes and brunette hair. I love to go out and have fun.


I truly never thought I would ever defend myself with a sword, nor even learn how to earn the warriors respect and honor with the sword. As a kid, I thought swords were from the past and could not be taught anymore except for movie for stunts, but I was wrong. I thank Gad for letting the sword come into my life as I went through hard times. I learned truth, honor, and respect for my self and others in the western circle. Something most humans on earth have forgotten.

I started out in October of '97, becoming a Green Braid in '98. I thought this class would help me face my fears of getting hit and hitting people correctly, similar to football, and that it would help me improve my confidence. Instead I learned more of my inner self, ultimately to become a better person. Struggling as a White Rope I had enough love, courage, and strength to finish all the way, passing Red Rope test. I have grown up with myself.

As a reward, I am enjoying the true way of fighting with a steel sword like the stunts at the movie screen, the only difference being no choreography (though I'm better in dagger fighting than in swords). I thank God for placing me in a true sport and Gad for putting up with me for five years. With my will power and strength, I will finish to become a sword dancer.

My next challenge in my little life is to travel around the world and live on the edge.